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The Seagrass Experience by Sophia M.

At Verdi EcoSchool, high school students are required to complete a series of immersive internships designed to offer each student a real-world connection to an area of interest or passion. Students gain valuable work experience, sharpen professional communication skills and gain a deeper understanding of their own abilities. The Student Intern Spotlight series will share student reflections of their experiences.

"There are two rooms, one is separated by a wall with a large window and a door. There is lots of space in the first room with four or five tables. There are clay wheels for you to throw clay in between two pillars. There are three sinks in the far corner that you can wash off your utensil and there is lotion next to the sink because clay dries out your hand real bad. Seagrass pottery is  a quiet and great place to focus where you can sit and reflect. It is easy to stay on track with work. The loudest thing you can hear is the machine whirring or quiet chattering in the background while someone is glazing. While I am working I usually listen to a podcast which offers peace. At the time that I am working Seagrass pottery is closed to the public. My coworker relays me a note-card with everything I have to complete for that day and I finish the work. There aren't any instructions for the tasks. The orientation was very straightforward. 

As an intern we tend to do a lot of cleaning up but we also do a lot of preparation for class. The best part about interning at Seagrass is seeing a wide range of ages and seeing different peoples perspectives on creativity. At Seagrass we get to teach younger children how to craft things with clay and express their feelings.

We have to learn how to clean out clay traps under the sink all the way to re-purposing clay. Re-purposing clay saves a lot of money so we do not have to buy more clay when someone changes their mind.  We can let the clay sit out or let it sit out or soak before re-purposing it. 

Seagrass offers a lot of opportunities for people at different age ranges and learning abilities. There are a lot of job requirements that certain people with physical impairment can't meet. However Seagrass opens that horizon for everybody.  I work with a handicapable man who goes around on a moped and walks with a cane. He works hard and can do anything.

This place offers equal opportunity, a safe space and non judgment. 

If you can't do some things like cleaning out the clay trays under the sink, people are glad to help. 

If anyone is looking to express themselves in a healthy manner I think Seagrass is a nice choice."


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