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School Year & Homeschool Flex Admissions
The admissions season at Verdi EcoSchool takes place between November and March for the following school year. During this time, Open Houses are scheduled each month for families considering submitting an application. The application is available under the Steps To Enrollment section below. Invitations to join our School Family are made to new families in March and April. Outside of the admissions season, Verdi EcoSchool operates with a "wait pool." Interested families are invited to submit an application and join our wait pool at any time. The wait pool does not operate on a first-come/first-serve basis, so it is helpful to submit an application as soon as you are interested. When a space becomes available, all applications on file are reviewed and families are contacted for a private visit to determine if receiving an invitation to continue on with the admissions process would be appropriate. Children must be four years old to begin the admissions process. 


Tuition & Fees

You can view tuition & fees for the 2024-2025 school year HERE.

School Year Calendar

You can view the DRAFT 2024-2025 school year calendar HERE.

Verdi EcoSchool accepts Florida's state-sponsored scholarships:

Family Empowerment Scholarship (Unique Abilities and Educational Options)

Family Tax Credit Scholarship

Hope Scholarship

All families in need of financial assistance are strongly encouraged to apply!

Go to to learn more.

Outside of our admissions season, tours are offered if/when we have space available. Families who have submitted applications will be invited to tour when a spot becomes available.

Is EcoSchool a good choice for my family?

 EcoSchool's immersive application process is intended to help your family answer this question!


As a unique, nontraditional educational environment, we recognize that EcoSchool will not provide the best learning experience for each child and family. While it is not possible for us to offer an invitation to each family that applies we hope that your time with us offers a connection to our special community that can provide a network of support as you engage in this incredible learning journey with your child.

Successful EcoSchool students are:

  • Highly motivated

  • Able to work well independently and in diverse groups

  • Able to understand how their actions impact others

  • Positive role models


EcoSchool is unable to offer spaces to children with severe behavioral or learning challenges, challenges that interfere with the learning of others and/or children who require 1 on 1 support throughout the school day.


We appreciate you and genuinely offer gratitude for your interest in joining our School Family.


1. Attend an EcoSchool Open House event (register on our events page) or schedule a tour.



4. Attend 2.5 hour Eco-School 101 experience

5. Schedule educator meet and greet and student assessment

6. Complete student trial day

7. Complete administrator meet and greet


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