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High School Series: Number Three

All posts in the High School Series have been written by our very own incoming high school students. Together, these students are utilizing their creativity and their voices in order to create the high school that they envision.

Reasons I Love The Verdi EcoSchool:

Reason # 1:

At the EcoSchool, I have a feeling of belonging, no matter what. If I make mistakes, I would be treated like everyone else. I’d still belong in the community. Everyone is always there to come alongside you and help you if you need it. No matter what I do, no matter what mistakes I make, I still feel right where I belong.

Reason #2:

Everyone is different, yet similar here. Everyone here has a different personality and way of thinking, but they all still have a common thread: Everyone, no matter how different, is free to be themselves. Everyone is searching for a place where they belong. They’re searching for a community and we’re all fighting to keep our community strong through thick and thin. No matter how different we seem, we still have something in common that we share.

Reason # 3:

At the Verdi EcoSchool, everyone is met where they’re at and they have the freedom to learn at their own pace. It doesn’t matter how “behind” or “ahead” you are, it’s about where you are. We are met with kindness, respect and love. Everyone here is allowed to learn at their own pace and be who they are.

I love the Verdi EcoSchool and I don’t want to leave it. Here, I belong. I’m trying to help make our high school so that other kids like me can also have a place where they feel a sense of belonging.

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