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High School Series: Number Two

All posts in the High School Series have been written by our very own incoming high school students. Together, these students are utilizing their creativity and their voices in order to create the high school that they envision.

The Verdi Eco School: A Community That I Love

The Verdi EcoSchool is the best school I’ve ever experienced, and I know that my peers and their parents feel the same way. In this environment, everyone supports you; your peers support you, your teachers support you, and even the greater community supports you. Here, you experience real life situations and you are able to find real life solutions with the help of those around. At my other schools, the community doesn’t always support every single kid. That’s just not the case here. Verdi is like no other school that I’ve ever experienced.

At the Verdi EcoSchool, you’re excited to come to school and learn. We learn in a hands-on way that allows us to dive deep into what we’re learning about. We use community resources, like the library and the Indian River Lagoon, to help educate the students and we also spend a large amount of time outside. Our community is our classroom.

At Verdi, I belong. I don’t feel like I’m trapped in a room with a bunch of kids and teachers who don’t even know my name. Here, everyone knows each other and we have a community bond. We care about each other. When there are conflicts, our teachers help us to find a positive resolution and tries to help us see the situation from our peers’ perspective.

I want to stay at this school because it’s the best school I’ve ever gone to. This high school program means that I get to stay with my friends and teachers, and I will be able to be in a place that I truly belong.

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