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Finding EcoSchool Educators

For the past two months I have met with over 50 educators and professionals from a diverse range of specialties.

These meetings were often informal, over coffee or tea, and intensely personal.

My aim was to get to know each individual outside of the rigid structure often created by formal interviews but it was also to give each individual the time to ask questions and understand The Verdi EcoSchool vision.

I was surprised by the immediate connection I made with some - sharing experiences and ideas instantly created a sort of kinship - a recognition of a member of one’s “tribe”.

It was also often sad. I held back tears on more than one occasion as I listened to stories of highly educated, highly qualified educators being forced to take positions where they were grossly underpaid, unappreciated and struggled just to afford basic necessities.

Ultimately, eight educators were invited to a group interview at The Standard Collective in the Eau Gallie Arts District (Thanks Anthony!) where I was able to watch as some of the brightest minds I have ever had the opportunity to encounter collaborated on ideas and contemplated answers to difficult questions.

I felt proud and humbled all at once to sit in that room and know that the future of The Verdi EcoSchool was sitting there with me.

As I move forward over the next week to agonize over the final decision I would like each and every candidate to know that I feel honored to have met you.

Thank you for believing in The Verdi EcoSchool.

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