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Lemongrass, Cymbopogon citratus, is a perennial grass in the family Poaceae grown for its fragrant leaves and stalks which are used as a flavoring. The grass grows in dense clumps and has several stiff stems and slender blade-like leaves which droop towards the tips.The stalks (leaf bases) of the plant are commonly used to flavor dishes in Southeast Asian cooking. The heart of young shoots may be cooked and consumed as a vegetable. The tougher leaves are used to flavor dishes but are typically removed before serving. Leaves may also be used to make lemon grass tea. The essential oil extracted from the leaves is commonly used in insect repellents, perfumes and soaps.As a clumping grass, lemongrass can be easily propagated by dividing stalks from the rhizome of a well established plant.Lemongrass is a tropical plant and as such will grow best in warm, sunny and humid conditions of the tropics and subtropics.


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